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Data Retrieval Vancouver is your local professional for fast and affordable data recovery service with over 15 years of exceptional customer service!
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If your hard drive (laptop, external HDD, desktop, RAID, USB, etc.) just recently crashed or failed and you can no longer access your most important files or data, then you’re probably starting to panic as to what you’re going to do without them! You had come to trust that your hard drive would reliably provide you access to your professional portfolio, academic projects, financial records, downloaded entertainment, and beloved digital photos whenever you needed them. But now, it’s all seemingly lost forever and much of it was irreplaceable! However, if you take immediate action now by calling us, we can quickly save you from the data loss you simply can’t afford at a low cost-effective rate that you can!

For over 15 years, Data Retrieval Vancouver has been saving thousands of new and returning customers each year from their data loss emergency with complete data recovery results and a dedication to outstanding customer satisfaction. Our certified data recovery specialists apply their many years of extensive recovery experience, state of the art equipment, and highly advanced techniques to successfully recover data from every make, model, and type of hard drive as well as from virtually every possible cause for data loss (physical damage, environmental damage, logical failure, etc.).

Data Recovery Service options:

  • Hard Drive Recovery
  • RAID Data Recovery
  • Server Data Recovery
  • Digital Media / iPod / iPad / PDA
  • Email & Database Recovery

Recovery after all types of data loss:

  • Human error: Data deletion or overwriting due to accident
  • Corrupt file system: Operating system crash or virus
  • Hardware failure: HDD failure or CPU failure
  • Location-related: fire, flood and electricity outage
  • Crime: Theft, hacking, worm, virus, hacker attack

Because losing your irreplaceable and critical data can have such extremely disruptive consequences on your daily routine, it is vitally important that the recovery procedure be expertly managed to reliably ensure that your data loss is not only temporary, but short-lived. After all, it’s not just data that you’re losing, but the significant investment in time and resources that went into acquiring it all these years that could suddenly all be for naught!

Just think: did your storage media or hard drive crash before you had the opportunity to check what exactly you had saved and might someday absolutely need? What if the chance to get the job of your dreams suddenly came along, but you had forgotten that your resume and professional portfolio was left on the hard drive that you decided not to save! A missed opportunity like that is something you just can’t afford!

The correct procedural steps must be followed exactly and immediately after your storage media’s crash or failure in order to prevent further damage or data loss. The highly complicated and extremely detailed data recovery process requires certain specialized tools, a certified class 100 cleanroom laboratory, and practiced skill in order to have the best odds for a successful and total recovery of your lost data. Even the slightest mistake could result in the entire attempt failing as well as possibly rendering the data permanently unrecoverable.

Call now and we’ll send you an initial diagnostic report (free of charge) to address the status and condition of your storage media and data. A dedicated customer service representative will discuss with you our cost-effective and reliable recovery solutions and services and assist you in deciding which best suits your budget and desired turnaround time.

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Although we’re your local data recovery emergency responder, we also have an international reputation for exceptional customer satisfaction and a praise-winning record for successful data recovery results year after year. Our dedicated customer service representatives are always available (24/7/365) to start your data recovery process or to keep you frequently updated as to the ongoing status of your current data recovery.

Because Data Recovery Vancouver can reliably retrieve your lost data in 24 hours or less, there’s no reason to wait any longer to contact us! Your data is irreplaceable and so is your time; don’t lose any more of either by calling and discussing our fast, cost-effective, confidential, secure, and certified professional recovery services now.

Send a “request for callback” form or call 1-512-318-2659 now to start recovering your lost data today!


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Hard Drive Recovery
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Data Recovery services offer multiple data retrieval service options for laptop recovery
Laptop Recovery
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Raid 0, Raid 1, Raid 5 Recovery North Vancouver
Raid Data Recovery
  • Raid0, Raid1, Raid5...
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Data Recovery services are trusted IT professionals and technology users with inaccessible or lost database files
DataBase Recovery
  • File deletion
  • Internal corruption
  • Free analysis
  • Failure of servers
Recover photos from all types of media and devices: digital camera, computer hard drive, mobile phone, flash, USB drive, or other storage media
Digital Photo Recovery
  • All types of flash cards
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